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Travel Bowl Duo

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Stop juggling food and water bowls when traveling and start using the more efficient DOGNESS Portable Duo Pet Bowl. You’ll love being able to pack one single bowl instead of two. The innovative design includes a hidden reservoir with a nearly one-liter water capacity and a built-in filter. Simply put your dog’s food in the bowl and when he’s done eating, you can turn the reservoir knob and the bowl will automatically fill up with fresh, filtered water. Not only that, but this bowl is designed to stop water flow one-half inch below the rim, so you don’t have to monitor the water fill-up.

Key Features
  • Start carrying 1 versatile dog bowl with you when you travel instead of 2.
  • The first function is to simply serve your dog’s favorite food in this lightweight bowl.
  • Then, turn the knob on the water reservoir to allow the bowl to fill with freshly filtered drinking water for your doggo.
  • The water reservoir can store almost a full liter of water, hidden inside the design.
  • Rubber pads on the problem prevent skidding to keep your dog’s new bowl in-place.