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Dogness Small Programmable Feeder

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No internet, no problem, you can still set a daily dinner routine for your smaller pet with the DOGNESS Mini Programmable Pet Feeder. The LCD screen on the front of the unit is designed to be easy for a human to use but impossible for pets to adjust. The cute and clean look includes a two-liter food storage reservoir that utilizes an internal turntable to dispense your pet’s favorite food without jamming. The stainless steel feeding tray can be easily removed and cleaned to help prevent black chin in your pet. Powered by a USB connection, this also includes a self-activating built-in backup battery in case of emergencies.

Key Features

  • Control panel for scheduled feedings is simple to operate
  • Equipped with USB interface and built-in battery, duel power protection to ensure the feeding plan without any interfering.
  • Food grade stainless steel feeding plate, clean and safe.
  • Insect and moisture seal design, to ensure the food does not deteriorate.
  • Digital interface with simple button design.
  • The voice interact functions, checking your pet anytime anywhere.
  • Capacity: 2L